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Hand-powered food chopper by Chef’n
No electricity required; great for small kitchens, RVs, travel and camping
Perfect for nuts, veggies, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole and more

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The hand-powered Veggichop food chopper is perfect for whipping up quick batches of guacamole, salsa, and more. Load fruits, veggies, nuts or other foods and pull the ring to chop it up in seconds. Includes convenient storage lid. Stainless steel blades. Blades, bowl and storage lid are top-rack dishwasher safe. By Chef’n – tasteful ingenuity.

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Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Patented Stainless Steel Blades Chop Even the Heartiest of Food

With so much to do during the day, sometimes cooking needs to be done fast. Good thing Chef’n has designed this product to make cooking quicker, easier, and maybe a little more fun.

The VeggiChop is a quick and easy way to chop ingredients for fresh salsas, pestos and more. And since it’s hand-powered it requires no electricity!

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Simply fill the VeggiChop with large pieces of vegetables or fruits, nuts, herbs, boneless meats or even ice. Replace the lid and pull the handle in quick, horizontal pulls. In just a few pulls, the patented blade mechanism begins to coarsely chop and blend your ingredients. For finer results, continue to pull until satisfied. When finished, remove the blade mechanism and serve in the bowl or cap with lid for later use.


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  • Container
  • Hand powered chopping lid
  • Stainless steel blade unit
  • Bonus storage lid
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Product Features

  • Lid locks into place for future use
  • Container perfect for storing refrigerated items
  • Capacity 3.8 cups (900 ML)
  • Measures 5 1/2″ diam., 5 1/4″ high
  • Container, blade and storage lid are top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Hand wash recommended for chopping lid
  • BPA Free

About Us

Who we are and what we do

There’s something you should know about us. We can’t stand the status quo – especially when the status quo stinks. That was literally true back in 1982 when you had two options for getting garlic into your meal: chop up a fresh clove and have your hands smell for the rest of the day, or settle for a couple of thin, dry flakes tapped out of a plastic container. Four our founder, CEO and Famous Inventor David Holcomb, there really was not option. He had to do better, and he knew he could.

Fast forward a few decades and David’s first creation, the Garlic Machine, has become Chef’n. We’re a growing Seattle-based company with more than 250 product Patents worldwide and a single mission. We want to make better tools so you can make better food. It’s what drives our in-house design team to reinvent the utensils and gadgets that most of us take for granted while we’re cooking and cleaning. It’s what attracts the terrific, talented people we’ve welcomed into our Chef’n family. And it’s what compels us to tell everyone we meet about the innovation Chef’n products can bring to their kitchens.

Is anyone listening? Well, the design awards and magazine covers seem to say yes, but for us the true test is in the homes of real people around the world. So put one of our inventions to work, create something delicious, and we look forward to hearing from you about your Chef’n experience.

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Hand-powered food chopper by Chef’n
No electricity required; great for small kitchens, RVs, travel and camping
Perfect for nuts, veggies, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole and more
Includes convenient storage lid
Blades, bowl and storage lid are top-rack dishwasher safe
















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